Cameraman with Sony FS7 or FS5 kit

A quick help guide for the confused producer!

Sony FS5 – FS7 – F5.. What’s the difference?

Sony F5 (my package) – launched in 2013, this is the ‘big daddy’ to the cameras below. It offers full broadcast specs for shooting drama, commercials, TV and corporate.

Sony FS7 – annoyingly, often confused as a successor to the F5. It launched about a year after the F5, but in fact is a cut-down version of the F5. It’s a great camera which shares the similar guts as the F5, but from an operator’s view, a little bit clumsy to use wth less connectivity.

Sony FS5 – yep, another cut-down of the F5. Good pictures but just not as broadcast spec as the cameras above.

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