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VoxBox Pro mirror box
New Kit Addition: VoxBox Pro mirror box for down-the-lens interviews
March 25, 2019

Relax your interviewees and get the best out of them using the VoxBox Pro down the lens interview kit The ‘down-the-lens’…

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New Kit Addition: Fomex Flexible LED panels
February 6, 2019

My Kinoflo Divalite 400 has been a trusty old go-to light for at least the last 12 years. But with the…

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New Kit Addition: Panasonic GH5 and Zhiyun Gimbal
October 11, 2017

I’ve bought this kit to fill the gap between the cheap-and-cheerful DJI Osmo, and the pain-in-the-*** setup time of the Ronin….

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New Kit Addition: Samsung Gear 360 camera
June 2, 2017

360° video in 4K! I was recently asked to provide a simple solution to capture some 360° video sequences to be…

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New Kit Addition: DJI Osmo Gimbal Camera
September 7, 2016

This is a really handy bit of kit for capturing B-roll. So it’s not as versatile as a full Ronin style…

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New Kit Addition: Metabones EF Smart Adaptor
December 2, 2015

This may only be of interest to other camera operators who struggle with the lack of a proper iris wheel when…

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New Kit Addition: Samyang Prime lenses
August 2, 2015

Ok, so I am a little late to the party here (especially as Samyang have just announced a new range of…

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New Kit Addition: LitePanels Astra LED light
July 18, 2015

This is the latest from Litepanels, with incredible light output which can provide daylight even in the most challenging exterior situations….

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New Kit Addition: Sony PVM 1741 Production Monitor
November 7, 2014

I’ve hired in many production monitors and I was tired of discovering dents on the screen, bad mounting options, poor battery…

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