I’m always on the hunt for large, soft daylight units (the HMI Octodome is beautiful but sadly, well out of my price range). I’m a big fan of my Litepanels Astra LED panel for its incredible light output and quality of light. However, this ‘bendy’ LED panel from Cinelight came to my attention recently.

For a very modest price, I got the 40x60cm bi-colour panel, softbox with grid, and diffusion dome. I’ve only just opened the box, and these photos are from my first unveiling.

Here’s the spec:-

  • Power: 100 watts | 2018 – 3rd generation
  • Flexible & lightweight 40×60 cm LED mat
  • Bi-Color 3000K-5600K TLCI/CRI 98 SMD arrays
  • External power controller w/ touch digital display
  • DMX512 and wireless remote support
  • Can be twisted as a cylinder or arc
  • Velcro back edging to mount on various surface
  • Includes X-Cross back frame with tilting bracket
  • Powered via AC-DC adapter or V-Mount battery
  • Includes transport bag and accessories

The controller (pictured) runs on mains or V-lock batteries; colour temperature and luminance can be set easily using the panel or via remote control.

What’s really good about this light is the weight – at only 0.5kg it can be hung overhead with minimal grip. The rig below consists of my Manfrotto lighting boom arm, the Cineflex with diffuser dome, creating a sort-of ‘Chinese lantern’. This makes lighting 1+1 interview with 3 cameras very easy as it allows the key light to be on the correct side and avoid any lighting stands getting in shot. The light head can be rotated to avoid spill on the wall (which I didn’t do on this photo!). My lighting boom arm is overkill for this fixture, and I would imagine it would attach to something much smaller with no problems.


So what about the light quality? I’ve not done any scientific tests (the manufacturer claims¬†CRI >96 Ra / TLCI 98) but from this photo of my daughter below, keyed entirely with the Cineflex, I’m very happy with the colour and lovely diffusion that the softbox gives.

The photo was taken on my GH5, and aside from the bad hair day and slight motion blur (kids never stay still!), you get the idea that it’s a very capable bit of kit.

It packs away into a (rather flimsy) bag, and this small form-factor appeals to me as I often have to fly with budget airlines and this kit will fit in my suitcase with ease.

I hope the Cineflex proves robust over time (and after lots of bending); I think I’m going to buy the even bigger version next….

The Cineflex LED panel is included in my standard shooting package.