Down the lens interviews

Down-the-lens interviews

Relax your interviewees and get the best out of them using the VoxBox Pro down the lens interview kit

VoxBox Pro mirror box for perfect down-the-lens interviews

The ‘down-the-lens’ interview is quite commonly seen in documentary programmes where a contributor is talking directly to the viewer rather than to an unseen person off-camera. This very powerful technique is performed using a two-way mirror box setup, which allows the contributor and interviewer to see each other and maintain a natural, relaxed conversation without the distraction of the camera lens and crew. I’ve hired the kit to do this previously – the Eye Direct (Interrotron) – but have found it expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming to set up. I had a shoot in Lisbon a couple of years ago which required the Eye Direct kit, but expensive hire costs and excess baggage made me think of an alternative….So I decided to build my own down-the-lens interview mirror box. Fast-forward to the present day and I have now developed this into a product available to purchase (as well as hire with myself).

Key features of the VoxBox Pro and advantages over the Eye Direct

  • Quick setup – mounts directly onto the camera’s 15mm rails or can screw to a lighting stand
  • Ideal for filming interviews while social distancing
  • Versatile – the interviewer can sit at one of four different positions which is great for challenging spaces
  • Cost-effective – it’s part of my kit (only £45/day), and you avoid expensive hire charges and shipping costs
  • Teleprompter – the unit converts to an autocue in seconds. I can provide a tablet with Bluetooth control (to control speed remotely).

You can learn more about the VoxBox Pro for the official website

Available for hire with my standard kit package, complete with tablet and autocue software £45/day.