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I am a qualified drone pilot, having undertaken formal training and a practical test by a CAA approved training centre. CAA permission (also known as PfCO) allows me to fly commercially, and this reassures you and your clients that any drone operations during your productions are safe, approved and fully insured for commercial work.

“My mate has a drone….”

I have been in many situations when during discussions about drone filming, the client has said: “I have a mate/the sales director/farmer [etc] has a drone” and that they can do the job for beer/£10/publicity! Here are some things to think about:

  • It is illegal for an amateur drone pilot to fly within or over 150 congested areas, which doesn't allow much scope for filming.
  • Without permission from the CAA, it is illegal for an amateur drone pilot cannot fly in return for any payment or reward.
  • Although the picture quality may be good, the untrained drone operator will not have the skills to properly frame shots and create sequences.
  • The 'mate' may not have passed the appropriate hobbyist test from the CAA - how would you know?
  • If they are working for you, there will be no insurance in place.

My offering as a qualified drone pilot

  • Mavic Pro 2 Drone with 4K Hasselblad camera shooting video and stills.
  • CAA approved operator with PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations).
  • My PfCO allows me to fly over and within congested areas (minimum 50 metres)
  • Compact, quick setup - ideal to compliment ground-based shoots.
  • Specialist commercial drone insurance, with £1M Public Liability.
  • Support package including batteries for 90 minutes flying, landing pad, hi-vis cones, signage and PPE.
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Managing your expectations

  • Drones cannot fly in high wind, drizzle, fog or rain.
  • I can't fly within 50m of a building, person or vessel which is not under control of myself or the production team.
  • All jobs will have my own risk assessment and the decision to fly on the day will rest with me.
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Drone hi-res stills photography

The stunning 20 megapixel Hasselblad camera on the Mavic Pro 2 can take still images 5472 × 3648.

Click the images below, but note these have been reduced in size and compressed.