My Kinoflo Divalite 400 has been a trusty old go-to light for at least the last 12 years. But with the increasing amount of overseas shoots I’m always on the lookout for new lighting options.

I recently came across the Fomex range of flexible LED panels. I don’t need the flex option in particular, but what appeals is the compact and lightweight design.

I have purchased the 1×1 ft (FL600) panel, with softbox and the 1×2 ft (FL1200) panel, with softbox, grid and LiteBall.

With the LiteBall attached to the 1×2 ft, it can be hung overhead with minimal grip. I have the Manfrotto lighting boom arm which makes lighting 1+1 interviews with 3 cameras very easy as it allows the key light to be on the correct side and avoid any lighting stands getting in shot.


The 1×2 ft, together with softbox is around the same size as my old Divalite, but the Fomex definitely wins on the light output levels. The controller allows precise dimming and colour temperature control from 2700K to 6500K.

Both units can be powered with V-lock batteries, which is amazing considering the light output beats the old mains-only Divalite!

The Fomex LED panels are included in my standard shooting package.