Green Screen Filming

Green Screen filming

Green Screen / Blue Screen Lighting Cameraman

Over the past 20 years, I have worked on many shoots requiring green screen or blue screen (ChromaKey), from simple pop-up Lastolite screens to large studios. Although keying technology these days is very good, it is still very important to capture the footage correctly in-camera to start with. I have learned many tips and tricks along the way in order to get the best results to save you edit time and your editor’s sanity!

My offering

  • Specify lighting, recommend suitable studios/locations in Leeds, Manchester (and beyond) working with my trusted sparks/gaffers
  • Create flat, even lighting with the correct exposure between the green screen and the subject
  • Minimise unwanted shadows, reflections and motion-blur which cause keying problems
  • Perform on-set tests and previews using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects

I can highly recommend the following editors for your post-production:

Gareth Harrison
Chris Timson